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Vamonos Vanpool is sponsored by El Paso County and utilizes Zimride as a private ridesharing network

Miles Posted: 236,944
Potential CO2 Reduced: 52,127 lbs

Vamonos Vanpool and Enterprise Rideshare


Do you live in El Paso County? Are you interested in finding a vanpool to work? Create a Zimride account and once you are logged in you can CLICK HERE to search for a vanpool to see if there is one that works for you.

Added Benefits and Perks To Joining A Vanpool


On top of reducing your carbon footprint and saving money, extra benefits to joining a vanpool include safety features like: regular vehicle maintenance, background checks on all drivers, insurance coverage, and the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Vamonos Vanpool and Zimride


Let Zimride help you find folks that live in El Paso County that share your commute. Depending on your commute mileage you could receive up to $500 credit on your vanpool through subsidy funding provided by El Paso County. Try it out today as it's free to register on Zimride!

Zimride Commute Calendar


Track your commuting patterns using our handy Commute Calendar. It not only tracks what form of transportation you are using but how many pounds of CO2 emissions and money you are saving. If you are looking for a commute partner, use Zimride to post and find a commute going your way.

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What is Vamonos Vanpool Zimride?

Zimride is a fun and easy way to search for vanpools, share the seats in your car or catch a ride. With Zimride, you can find EL Paso neighbors, friends, and coworkers that share your commute.

Who can use this site?

Vamonos Vanpool's Zimride network is only available to commuters who live in El Paso County. In order to check your eligibility for this network, please click on the green Sign up! button above and enter your commute start and end address.

Have a car? Need a ride?

Vamonos Vanpool Zimride helps you search for a vanpool and offer or request rides for commuters that live in El Paso County. If you have a car split costs by offering rides. If you don't have a car find rides where you need to go.