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Zimride is a private ridesharing network for Navy Federal

Miles Posted: 1,100,234
Potential CO2 Reduced: 242,051 lbs



Navy Federal employees can go "green" on their commutes and save time, reduce stress and lower expenses. In 2015, we partnered with Rideshare by Enterprise to promote vanpooling at Headquarters. Now employees can find each other using Zimride and carpool together. Enjoy the ride!

Navy Federal Zimride


Navy Federal Zimride is an online, private site to help employees connect, agree on commuting schedules and carpool or vanpool to work. Save on car maintenance and gas costs while easing traffic congestion. Plus, reduce your carbon footprint!

Join/Start a Carpool


Carpooling is a fast and simple way to share the drive! Zimride is a tool to help you find coworkers living close to you. It's easy to post your commute as a driver or passenger. You also get reserved parking.

Post a Commute

Join/Start a Vanpool


Vanpools are up and running at Headquarters. Vanpool riders say they are a great cost saver and help with work-life balance. You can drive an SUV or van, get SmartBenefits tax savings and a reserved parking space. To join or start a vanpool, visit our Vanpool Page or email Dayna Paszkiet to join Commute With Enterprise.

Go to the Navy Federal Transportation site on eNet. Click on the Zimride logo to sign up.

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Important Login Information


Use your personal email to sign up for Zimride. Navy Federal emails are not accepted.

What is Navy Federal Zimride?

Zimride is a fun, efficient and easy way to share the empty seats in your car or catch a ride. With Zimride, you can find Navy Federal coworkers going your way.

Who can use this site?

Zimride is a private network developed for Navy Federal employees only. To create an account, go to the Transportation page on eNet and click on the Zimride logo.

Keep Zimride Out of Your Spam Box

You will be receiving emails from Zimride to notify you about ride matches. After you create your profile, be sure to place into your approved email list to avoid your spam email box.


If you have any questions about Navy Federal Zimride, email learn more about SmartBenefits, email