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Zimride is a private ridesharing network for Oracle.

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Clicking Sign Up indicates you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These terms are different from Oracle’s Internal Privacy Policy. Use of this third-party service is strictly voluntary and is not a condition of employment. I understand that I choose to use this service at my own risk and that Oracle disclaims all liability regarding my use of this third party service.

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Who can use this site

Zimride at Oracle is only for current Oracle employees based in the Bay Area, CA. (HQ Offices) and requires a valid email address. The Oracle system administrator will have access to the same employee information that all end users will.

Oracle Zimride Use Policy

This service is to be used for work purposes only and not for personal use. Confidential business trips should never be posted in this system.

Keep Zimride Out of Your Spam Box

Zimride will need to send you emails to notify you of ride match information. Please make sure that after you create your profile you include into your approved email list to avoid having these emails going to your spam email box.