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 PwC My Ride helps you share rides with PwC colleagues

Miles Posted: 3,106,593
Potential CO2 Reduced: 683,450 lbs

Welcome to PwC My Ride!


This program is designed to help PwC staff members share rides with one another with the hope of helping to alleviate traffic related stress, save on parking and gasoline expenses, and foster a sense of community -- all while working to reduce our carbon footprint. For those who are new to the program, please Click Here for a quick and easy User Guide. Welcome and enjoy your ride!

Logging Your Commute is Easy!


Track your commuting patterns using our handy Commute Calendar. It not only tracks what form of transportation you are using but how many lbs of CO2 emissions and costs you are saving.

Log your Commute

Save Costs, Share the Ride


Going to a training or workshop? Have a meeting across town? Start saving costs by matching with other colleagues who are going to the same meeting and share the ride.

Going to the airport? Click Here to find your airport and post a ride. It's easy Post a Ride - Find a Ride - Share the Ride!

Preparing for Winter Commuting


Zimride wants you to be safe this fall and winter during your commutes. Whether it is snow or rain being prepared will help make your daily commute stress-free. Check the air in your tires, charge your battery, check your windshield wipers, know the snow routes in your area, and make sure you have a full tank of gas. Let Zimride take the stress out of your commute by finding someone else to share the ride with.

New Year! New Commute!


Make Zimride part of your 2017 New Year's resolution by sharing your commute with others. Enjoy the many benefits of carpooling such as saving money by sharing the costs, reduce your stress and decrease your carbon footprint. It's easy to post your ride as a driver or passenger. Use Zimride to find your perfect ride match and make your New Year's resolution a reality.

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What is PwC My Ride?

PwC My Ride is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. With PwC My Ride, you can find PwC friends or colleagues going the same way you are.

Have a car? Need a ride?

PwC My Ride helps you offer or request rides for commutes, road trips, and popular events. If you have a car, split costs by offering rides. If you don't have a car, find rides where you need to go.

Who can use this site?

Use of PwC My Ride requires a valid GUID and password, and is only accessible on My KCurve.

Share Your Thoughts

We're always seeking to improve our programs and welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts at