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Safety and Trust

Safe rides are great rides. Here are some guidelines to having a positive and comfortable Zimride experience.


Features that empower you to make informed choices


    Private name and phone

    We keep last names on the site hidden, and phone numbers and email addresses are also kept private until a booking has been accepted.


    Mutual friends

    With Facebook integration, you can see if you have friends in common with other members. Look for mutual friends on ride post pages and member profiles.


    Secure payments

    When a booking is accepted, passengers are charged but payment is held until 24 hours after the ride is complete. If the ride doesn’t happen or something goes wrong, simply let us know. Drivers can rest assured knowing they’ll get paid without the need to ask in the car.


    Easy messaging

    Use your Zimride inbox to easily keep track of a conversation about your trip. That way, the email addresses associated with your Zimride and PayPal accounts are kept private.

Tara G

At first I was skeptical sharing a ride with someone I didn't know, but the site made it easy to learn about each other upfront. As it so happened, my driver and I had a lot in common, the ride went smoothly and we remain friends to this day!

Your Zimride checklist


    Before you ride


    Look for verifications and feedback on a user’s profile.


    Send a message and start a conversation. This is a great way to help you decide before you book.

    Plan ahead

    Make sure you both know exactly where you’re headed. Printing out directions beforehand is always helpful. You may want to let family and friends know where, when, and with whom you are travelling, as well as when you plan to arrive at your destination.


    During the trip

    Pick a place

    Agree on a public meeting spot that’s convenient, comfortable and safe.

    Go with the flow

    Driving can be an adventure – embrace it! But remember to be direct and upfront if you have any sudden change in plans. If you do not feel safe – don’t go.

    Take breaks

    If you’re going on a longer trip, don’t forget to make a pitstop or two to refuel both your car and your stomachs!


    After you return

    Leave feedback

    Ridesharing through Zimride means you’re part of a community. You can help make that community better by leaving feedback for the people you ride with.

  Tips for drivers

  • Double check that your car insurance and driver's license are up-to-date

  • Make your passengers feel at home and comfortable

  • Communicate any change of plans early

  • Keep your car clean and well maintained

  • Print out a map or make sure you have directions

  Tips for passengers

  • Tell your driver the size of your luggage

  • Be the navigator

  • Communicate any change of plans early

  • Respect the driver’s car

  • Use common sense; don’t ever feel obligated to get into a car if you’re uncomfortable

  • Contact law enforcement if you are concerned about your safety

Contact anytime.