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Zimride is a private carpooling network for VF Outdoor associates.

Miles Posted: 911,815
Potential CO2 Reduced: 200,599 lbs

Earn Prizes


Let us know if you're using alternative transportation and we'll reward you! You must be a regular VF employee to qualify for this program.
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Spare the Air!


Sign up to get alerts about which days are best to carpool or bus. Help our community collectively breath easier! Click here to sign up!

New Year, New Commute!


Make Zimride part of your 2017 New Year's resolution by sharing your commute with others. Enjoy the many benefits of carpooling such as saving money by sharing the costs, reduce your stress and decrease your carbon footprint. It's easy to post your ride as a driver or passenger. Use Zimride to find your perfect ride match and make your New Year's resolution a reality.

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VF Outdoor Zimride requires an email address.

What is VF Outdoor Zimride?

Zimride is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. With Zimride, you can find VF Outdoor friends and coworkers driving the same commute.

Have a car? Need a ride?

VF Outdoor Zimride helps you find carpool partners for commutes and one-time trips (e.g. airport, off-site meeting). Split costs of car ownership by offering rides, or simply leave it at home and ride with a colleague.