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Zimride is a private ridesharing network for WSU

How it works

Ridesharing for everyone

We’re a new spin on ridesharing, using social networks to enable real connections. In seconds you can set up a profile, book a ride in your network, or post a ride of your own. With Zimride profiles, you can check out interests, music tastes, and feedback before you share a ride.

Ready to hit the road?


Post a ride, find a ride.

Post your commute or a single trip to get matchedwith other people going your way. Or browse through rides to find your match.


Dominate the diamond lane.

Whether you’re carpooling to school/work, or road-trippin’, you’ll be saving gas, the environment, and your time!


Share the ride, savely.

Your Zimride network is only for people with a valid school or company email address, so you can feel save knowing you'll be riding with your peers.


Get special priviledges

Keep an eye out for special promotions Zimride does with your network. You could win some cool stuff.